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Avid Gamer Network has been created as a friendly community gaming forum servicing all your Gaming needs, for gamer’s over the age of 20.


Avid Gamer Network is a community that is relaxed and friendly, bringing together like minded gamer's who usually have no plan, no rules, no idea what to do or how to do it,  We really don’t care how good you are or what your K/D ratios is, all we want is for our members to enjoy gaming. Avid Gamer Network has regular gaming nights on various systems and games throughout the year.


Registration doesn’t cost a penny and comes with free banter from our members. So sign up, join in and discover why so many other gamer's just like you love being part of the Avid Gamer Network community. All we ask is for you to be active in the forums and socialise with other gamer’s.


Game on…..


Avid Gamer Network is a Multi-Platform Gaming Community Supporting

XBOX 360


Playstation 3

Playstation 4



This Website was developed as a community for Gamer's & Clan's to socialise. It is not a Clan website and it is a neutral site and shows no preference to any clan.